G.E.T. Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counselor: Vickey Weathers

A new ministry offered under the umbrella of the Cleburne Baptist Association.  This ministry offers biblical counseling with a Christian Worldview without cost to the counselee.  Vickey Weathers is the counselor.  She holds a Master of Biblical Counseling degree from Luther Rice College and Seminary.  Some of the counseling services include Women's Issues, Spiritual Issues, Grief Counseling, Couples, and Family Counseling.  Vickey does not counsel men except in a couples or family session.  All men in need of individual counseling will be referred to a local pastor.  

Please note that all counseling is of a gospel-centric, Christian Worldview.  Vickey Weathers is not a state licensed counselor and does not diagnose or treat mental illness.  All counseling is based on Biblical Principles as the counselor understands them.

Cleburne Baptist Association Ministries

903 Ross Street, Heflin, AL 36264      Phone: (256) 463-8811

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Team Leader: Philip Morris

 The goal of our Deacon Ministry is to help/coach deacons become better ministers and leaders within the local church. Also to love, pray for and support their pastor and family more. We also hope we can have at least one deacon/wives fellowship each year.  We want our deacons to have all the tools and training to be the biblical servant / leaders the church needs.


Team Leader: Beth Jackson

The commitment of the Cleburne Baptist Association to the training of Vacation Bible School workers is strong. Each year, our association hosts a minimum of two clinics. There is an early bird clinic late winter (usually in February or March) for VBS Directors and church Pastors. Then, in the early spring (usually April) there is a county-wide training clinic for all VBS directors, teachers, and workers. Look for upcoming events from these other Ministries of the Association that are reigniting their passion... Discipleship Deacon Ministry Evangelism Youth Stewardship If you are looking to serve, share or grow, we have a plan to disciple you!

Cleburne Baptist Senior Adult Ministry

Young at Heart

Team Leader: Sandra Kent

Our senior adult ministry is growing. It is still a new ministry that is beginning to take root. It is a ministry about fellowship and more. These seniors plan quarterly events such as eating out at restaurants or fellowship services hosted by local churches. They also attend the State Sr. Adult Evangelism Conference each year.

Chaplain's Ministry

Team Leader: Chaplain Ray Clevenger

With the new County Sheriff comes a new set of policies and a new chaplain.  This does not mean that God is finished with the Cleburne Baptist Association's Chaplain's ministry.  The Chaplain Ministry is going through a transformation right now.  We hope to further define the ministry soon. God is up to something new, and it is exciting!!!

Discipleship Ministry

Team Leader: Bill Brown

  • What is the most effective way to share Christ with the people God places in your life and ministry?
  • What happens once your win someone to Christ?
  • How can you discover if someone's decision is a "good" decision for Christ?
  • How can I keep the members coming into the church through the front door from leaving through the back door?

  The answer to each of these questions is true DISCIPLESHIP.  Folks  are being led to Christ but then they are not taught how to live for Christ and what that looks like.  If your church doesn't have an ACTIVE and EFFECTIVE plan for making disciples, we would like to help.

Bill Brown would love the opportunity to come and share with you how discipleship, true discipleship, can transform your church and stop the flow of losing members out the back door.

Continuing Education

Team Leader Tom Glander

In partnership with Samford University, Cleburne Baptist Association has become a campus for the Ministry Training Institute.  For more information, please call Tom Glander. 256.201.0694 or email him by clicking on his name above.

Ministries of the Cleburne Baptist Association are all about creating opportunities for discipleship and training.  It is not our goal to fill your busy lives with more business.  We seek to equip you in your busy lives for not only becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ but also to teach you to be a descipler yourself.  We are a Great Commission minded ministry believing that we are to SERVE as His hands and feet until He returns, SHARE what He has taught us and GROW more in His image everyday.

WMU / Women's Ministry

Team Leader: Cindy Lovvorn

Women’s Ministry / Women’s Missionary Union has been an established ministry in Cleburne County for decades...but is anything but irrelevant or outdated. WMU / Women’s Ministry has its pulse on all things missions. Projects like Operation Christmas Child, collecting teddy bears for EMS workers to give to children in crisis, preparing emergency bags for children who have been picked up by DHR, or poundings for the Oxford Baptist Children’s Home are just a few missions projects Cleburne WMU / Women’s Ministry groups undertake each year. WMU is also the promoters of several Missions Offerings: Lottie Moon—International Missions, Annie Armstrong—North American Missions, Kathleen Mallory—State Missions, World Hunger—Offering to alleviate hunger all over the world. (This is felt directly in Cleburne County through the food voucher assistance through our sister ministry at the Cleburne Christian Service Center.)

Cleburne Disaster Relief

Team Leader: Tracy Lovvorn

There is a place for you, male or female, in Disaster Relief. We have worked many projects in Cleburne County, Prattville, Guntersville, and have also deployed to New York, North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, and Texas. There are several training opportunities offered each year. There is something for everyone seeking to help in times of disaster. We would love to have you receive training and join our team.

Brotherhood / Men's Ministry

Team Leader: Marc Riddle

A vigorous Men's Ministry is an asset to any church as it helps to develop men as servant-leaders after Christ example.   leaders in their congregations and homes. There is also a service to the community mind set to help with projects around the community for those who need structures like wheel chair ramps or minor work around their home which they are unable to do for themselves due to health issues or age. These projects are undertaken on a case by case basis and are part of a local missions mindset.

Sunday School Ministry

Team Leader: Steven Bentley

A tried and true means to help grow your church spiritually and numerically is through Sunday School.  Having a well organized well trained Sunday School Team is one of the greatest tools in your church's toolbox.  Through Sunday School we learn about God and His Word and because of this seek to be more like Him in our daily lives.

Historically, it is the Sunday School class that is the most likely to embrace members with love and hospitality.  They are the closest contact to the individual.  Their caring support and hospitality are what help make the church family a true and eternal family.  Blood may be thicker than water but Spirit is thicker than blood.

As Southern Baptist, we have access to some of the best Sunday School training in the world; and as Alabama Baptist, we have it close to home through the Cooperative Program at Shocco Springs the first weekend in August...It's called The Summit.  We strongly encourage your to register your church leadership team for these conferences every year.